Wellness Ways is a place to explore the intersection between physical, mental, spiritual, and emotion health.  We weave together the connection between body and mind so that we may live life to its fullest potential.  At Wellness Ways we believe that our ultimate health rests in the ability to make the connection between body and mind. We celebrate the tenacity of the human spirit.  We walk with people on their journey to health through integrative psychotherapy, integrated arts expression, yoga, and meditation. Whether your are seeking mental health services or just want to build a mindfulness based yoga and mediation practice there is a place for you at Wellness Ways!

Wellness ways works in collaboration with a number with message therapists, acupuncturist, Reiki Masters, and body workers to meet your personal health goals. We honor diversity in all its forms: religion, ethnicity, physical ability, gender, and sexuality. Don't hesitate to contact us for an appointment!

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An integrative approach to health and wellness...
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